Daily Prayer Topic

A space for us to petition God and testify of His Goodness - together!

During this time of prayer and fasting, we would love to come alongside you in petitioning God, as well as testifying of His goodness. We'd love to hear from you!

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AM - Daily Bread

Join us Monday - Friday at 7:00 AM for our "Daily Bread" - A 30-minute time of encouragement through God's word and prayer.

Call 712-832-8330 Access Code: 2170301#

PM - Prayer Gatherings

Join us online for our prayer gatherings each night M-F. Zoom link below. 

21 Days of Prayer -Testimonies

Read about how God showed up during our time of prayer!

God's been using this time of prayer and fasting to place a real love of prayer in me and a give me a greater burden to pray. I'm excited as I believe this will be a catalyst for a greater prayer life!

We got to pray with my 99 year old aunt and her 93 year old cousin this week. We had ask God to open opportunities for spiritual conversations and the bridges just kept appearing, so we kept crossing them!

—Len & Maeve Auer

The Lord is renewing my perspective on prayer and giving me this crazy joy toward it. He MOVED in our prayer group today and filled me with excitement about prayer. Thank you, Holy Spirit!

God has been showing me the power that praying his word has. I am thankful for this revelation from Him!

God has been softening my heart of stone and giving me wisdom in my relationships and giving me a new fire for prayer and his word!

He restored my prayer life!

I've seen multiple physical healings during this fast. It's been growing my faith to see that God still moves in miracles!

The Lord has given me faith and a desire to worship that I have never had before.

The Lord has been repairing relationships in my life and in my family!

God has been showing me what it means to have a heart of gratitude in ALL circumstances!

I was feeling discouraged because I hadn't seen breakthrough in any of my prayer requests during the fast. But exactly two days after the fast ended, I found out my BIGGEST and TOUGHEST prayer request was being answered this whole time and I did not even know it! The Lord is ALWAYS MOVING!