Our mission

Invite you into authentic relationships with God and other broken people, so that we’re a family doing life together and a place you call home.

Equip you to grow as a disciple of Jesus and invite others into the next step of becoming a disciple.

Lead and teach you to glorify God by living a life of worship.

Our Values


Seeking God's Presence

One moment in the presence of God can change everything. We pursue the presence of God in all we do.


Authentic Worship

We were made to worship. While this may look different for each of us, our worship is spirit-filled and authentic.


Humility and Forgiveness

Following Jesus means following his example of humility and forgiveness. We forgive others because Christ first forgave us.


Protecting Unity

Unity is at the core of who God is. We don't gossip; we speak life; we don't tear down; we build up. We each play our role in protecting the Body of Christ.


Running After Others

God-honoring relationships require commitment and sacrifice. We actively pursue authentic relationships no matter the cost.


Contributing not Consuming

God created each of us for a purpose. We commit ourselves to actively contributing to growing God's Kingdom.


Mercy and Justice

Mercy and justice are at the heart of the mission of God. We're committed to helping hurting people (mercy) as well as addressing the cause of that hurt (justice).